The Post Hole Digger

Post Hole Digger

Manual Post Hole Diggers

Manual post hole diggers

 are the least expensive post hole diggers out of all that are available. Manual post hole diggers will require a lot of hard work and hand power depending on the size of the job. Manual post hole diggers are quick and convenient for smaller "around the house" jobs.

Typical manual post hole diggers will have two long handles connected to two small clam shaped shovels that rotate or pivot at one end. The handles are held together while driving the manual post hole digger into the ground and then spread apart to pull dirt out of the hole. Some manual auger post hole diggers also exist.

Various sizes and lengths of manual post hole diggers can be found. If you hole requires a little bigger of a diameter than that of your manual post hole digger, simply expand your hole by shaving off the sides little by little until the desired width is achieved. Almost anyone can use a manual post hole digger and can be safer option than power post hole diggers.