The Post Hole Digger

Post Hole Digger

Gas Post Hole Diggers

Gas powered post hole diggers

 can shorten the time needed to complete your job drastically. Many gas powered post hole diggers can generate a lot of torque. These post hole diggers run on your average gasoline making them convenient to fill up at any gas station or portable gas tank.

Gas powered post hole diggers generally are more heavy than other post hole diggers due to the motor being on top of the digger. This can be a positive or negative thing since it will help your dig your hole but also increase the awkwardness of position and handling it.

Typically all gas powered post hole diggers have an auger big that pull dirt out of the hole and drives itself into the ground. If you are looking for an intermediate option to quickly drilling your holes with fair portability, gas powered post hole diggers will fit the job.

The power associated with the portability of gas powered post hole diggers give them an advantage. A trailer or tractor hookup isn't needed which can speed up the process if only a few holes are needed. Keep in mind they typically are a little louder than other options due to the gas powered motor.

Common brands are Southland Outdoor Power Equipment, Fisters, XtremepowerUS and Earthquake. Coming in slightly more economical, you'll run about $200-$400 to pick one of these up.