The Post Hole Digger

Post Hole Digger

Electric Post Hole Diggers

Electric post hole diggers

 are not very popular due to the issues of portability and inconvenience of cords and batteries. Some electric post hole diggers are designed to dig off of a 12 volt car battery or are capable to hook up to a running vehicle or tractor for power. Electric post hole diggers have the same function as gas power post hole diggers, tractor post hole diggers, or even manual post hole diggers. Unlike these above mentioned post hole diggers, electric post hole diggers are much more quite and clean.

Prices can vary with electric post hole diggers and range from being more expensive than a non electric post hole diggers to much more inexpensive. Replace batteries and chargers (and other accessories) should also be taken into consideration when buying an electric post hole digger.

These can be ideal for ice fishers due to the less noise put out by the digger. Some prefer electric over gas due to not having to worry about gas, oil, cold starts, carburetor issues and everything else that comes with a gas powered motor. Non battery powered options will have more torque since they can draw more power.