The Post Hole Digger

Post Hole Digger

Auger Post Hole Diggers

Whenever you talk about power post hole diggers, you're basically talking about an

auger post hole digger

. Because of the setup of most all power post hole diggers, an auger bit is needed to drill itself into the ground and pull the dirt out. Auger post hole diggers work much like a drill bit does in wood.

Some auger post hole diggers will actually have three different phases to the auger gradually increasing the pitch of the blades. This will help friction and dirt from your hole.

Not all auger post hole diggers are run by tractors, gas or electricity. Manual auger post hole diggers do exist and have their small place in the world.

Since this category covers so many different options, there are many popular and reputable brands out there ranging from $200 to the thousands of dollars.