The Post Hole Digger

Post Hole Digger

3 Point Post Hole Diggers

3 point post hole diggers

 are great for setups where other 3 point accessories can be used. 3 point post hole diggers will have an auger type bit to drill their way into the soft or hard ground. 3 point post hole diggers can be interchanged with other tractors as accessories much like tractor post hole diggers using a 3 point hitch.

3 point post hole diggers are great for their standardized hitch setup. Any tractor meeting the power requirements of the drill having a 3 point hitch should drill your holes just fine. 3 point post hole diggers are not cheep but you'll be glad you got one after digging just one hole by hand.

These powerful tools are most useful for hard ground, rocky ground, extra large diameter or extra deep holes. If any tree roots are nearby, you'll want the added power and control of these diggers. Plus, having your tractor right there with you, you can easily complete the job whether that means digging on from that hole or dirt removal.

Popular brands include Titan, Dirty Hand Tools, AgKNX and SpeeCo. Prices range around $500-$700.