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Post Hole Diggers

Post hole diggers

 are one of those tools that you probably won't use that often but are essential to specific jobs. Post hole diggers were designed for digging post holes and are most commonly used for fencing and concrete supports for decks and other small structures. If you have ever used a post hole digger you know why they are so handy to have. If you try digging a post hole with a shovel, you're hole will be more wide than it is deep. That is where post hole diggers come in. They can cut a nice hole straight down in a variety of diameters. Already compacted soil around the hole is not disturbed making alignment easier and keeping settling to a minimum.

Post hole diggers come in all shapes and sizes. You might want to consider a power post hole digger, a gas power post hole digger or even a 3 point post hole digger or tractor post hole digger depending on the size or your job.

Used post hole diggers can usually be found at tool rental stores in most areas. Some of the higher end post hole diggers can get pricey so renting is usually the best solution. Having a small manual post hole digger around can never hurt and will surely be used throughout the years.

Don't test your luck with a shovel when you need a nice straight and deep hole. Let a post hole digger make your life so much easier. Check out the other types of post hole diggers and thanks for visiting The Post Hole Digger.

-3 Point Post Hole Diggers
Possibly the most expensive option to dig your hole but likely the best option for the toughest jobs.

-Tractor Post Hole Diggers
These are best when you have a tractor available and can hook up to it allowing you to digger larger, faster and cleaner holes.

-Power Post Hole Diggers
When you have a large job or have hard rocky soil, power hole diggers are greatly appreciated and needed.

-Hydraulic Post Hole Diggers
Although one of the more pricey options, if you ever get a chance to operate a hydraulic post hole digger you'll never want to use anything different.

-Gas Post Hole Diggers
These are slightly more portable than other options but still give you plenty of power to dig your way down.

-Auger Post Hole Diggers
Most professionals will use an auger digger of some kind to make their holes. They are cleaner and faster.

-Manual Post Hole Diggers
For small jobs in light soil, there is no shame in doing it all by hand. Sometimes space is confined.

-Electric Post Hole Diggers
Access to electricity is obviously needed for these diggers which tend to be more quite and less environmentally invasive.

-Used Post Hole Diggers
Tools like these can be expensive. Luckily, they can last a long time and passed around to different owners with little to no disadvantage.